Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week 7 - Thing 16 - Wikis

The subject guide wiki seems like a pretty good use of the technology, but I'm not too sure about the execution. It's a bit...busy.

Overall, these were interesting but since most of them are in their infancy, it's too early to really say whether or not they will be useful.

At this point in the 23 things I'm getting concerned about the sheer weight of web 2 material that might be rolled out into unsuspecting libraries. Obviously a lot of these gimmicks will diasappear or be integrated, but when we are dealing with a client base which contains people who struggle with concepts like "left click", I wonder what it would be like trying to get them to "go onto our website and check out the blog links in the subject guide wiki."

I don't know. This stuff is cool, but is it necessary? It would be nice if the technology could one day be merged together into one user-friendly-do-everything program, but in an age of rampant global capitalism I suspect that is a naive notion. It'll probably get more, rather than less complicated. That is unless Google achieves it's aim of global domination, and at this point I would like to be the first to welcome our new overlords and offer any assistance that a puny subject may be deemed worthy of contributing.

What was I talking about anyway?

Getting down off my soap box now.

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